What our new goat owners say...

"I really can’t say enough about George and Cinda at My Peeps Farm.  When we first looked into getting goats we scheduled a time to go visit their farm.  The farm was clean, George and Cinda were extremely resourceful and knowledgeable and it is apparent to everyone who visits that they love, think and breathe goats.  They took the time to answer all of our questions, both before and after our purchase of 3 wonderful goats.  Their goats are far superior in health, disposition and socialization too!  Cinda insists that the kids stay with their momma doe until they reach a healthy weaning age.  At first I wanted a bottle baby but she patiently explained to me the need for the kid to properly develop a full immune system that can only be fully developed by being with mom.  To top it off, Cinda spends much of the day in the goat barn socializing, playing with and cuddling the little ones.  The results are phenomenal.  Our goats are loving, super friendly and very personable.  If you want the best goat experience from start to finish, go with My Peeps Farm!" 
- Kathleen, proud goat owner of Honey Bear, Cocoa Puff and Patches!

George and Cinda Malouin with Nigerian Dwarf goats at my peeps farm.

About My Peeps Farm

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My peeps farm is a proud member of the Fields of Gold Farm Trail, the American Goat Society, and the American Dairy Goat Association...

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Welcome to our farm!  We are located in Waynesboro along the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  We are blessed with a small farm where we spend lots of time enjoying and caring for our Nigerian Dwarf goats and other critters (aka peeps) that we have been raising for 12 years now.

While living in Scottsdale Arizona, we dreamed about owning a goat farm near our family and living the country life.  With the goodness of God, our dreams came true!  My husband, George, grew up with farming but all this stuff has been new to me.  I've always loved a new challenge and getting my hands dirty!  I quit my corporate career to become a farmgirl...I think of it as "corporate gone country". I chuckle thinking about how I loved to shop at Neimans and Nordstorms and now my loves are Tractor Supply and the Farm Bureau! The suits and heels have been retired to the basement and I hardly even wear mascara anymore. Now you will find me in a ball cap and boots doing something around the farm -- you know the saying, "there is always something to do on the farm", well it's true!

Our farm is our love and passion!  We have Nigerian Dwarf goats, Speckled Sussex chickens, barn cats, and amazing livestock guardian dogs.  Our animals get lots of loving care and in return we reap the benefits of their amazing love. We breed Nigerian Dwarf goats for the incredible benefits of goat milk - the best milk and cheese ever!  Our goat kids are dam raised so they get the awesome nutrition of their mother's milk and learn about foraging and drinking out of a water bucket from their mommas.  At the same time, we highly socialize our goat kids so they are super friendly.  This in turn creates strong healthy kids ready for their future homes.  We offer a limited number of goat kids each year so if you are interested please contact us to discuss. We take pride in focusing on a small herd of quality friendly goats.

We named the farm "my peeps" to represent both our animal peeps and human peeps...everyone is welcome! My Peeps Farm is a place to grow, share, and be thankful.  ​

                       Have a great day!  Cinda and George                    ​​