We are working out our breeding plans for 2019.  We usually have a limited number of kids available so if you are interested please let us know.  We take great pride in offering healthy dam raised kids that are highly socialized and super friendly!  We have kids available as milkers and as pets.

Here's the skinny...

  • Call or email to discuss and make your reservation - Contact Us.
  • A 50% deposit reserves a kid.  The balance to be paid at pick-up time or before (approx. 8-13 weeks).
  • All kids are dam raised until they are weaned at 8-12 weeks...we believe this ensures a healthy and happy start for your little kid. We highly socialize our kids so they are super friendly.
  • Kid prices usually range between $350-500.  Pet wethers can be purchased for $150.  
  • Our kids are healthy and come from a tested clean herd.
  • We only sell to those who can provide love and basic care for the goats because WE care!  Basics include...
    • Quality feed (hay, minerals, limited grain/more when needed)
    • Fresh water 
    • Clean, dry shelter
    • Secure fencing
    • Veterinarian services as applicable
    • Routine care (body inspection, vaccinations, worming, hoof trimming, brushing)
    • Hugs, pets, and kisses (quantity optional but we recommend frequent!)
  • We reserve the right at any time to cancel a sale.
  • We will always be available to provide support to you regarding the quality and care of your goats.
  • We hope you find as much love and joy with your new kid from my peeps farm as we do!

Events - Learn about Goats Workshop - 11/2/2018

Kids for Sale

Interested in having goats or learning more about them?  We are conducting a workshop on Saturday, 11/3/2018, from 1:30-3pm.  Learn about housing, feeding, basic care, milking, hoof trimming, and more!  Farm tour and cheese tasting too!  $20 per adult. Contact us today to sign-up.  The class is limited!