Reference Bucks

Fairland Farm Hawaii Five-O, 07/22/2018

Sire:  Woodbridge Farm Dott Matrix (Reserve Grand Senior Buck - x2)

Dam:  GCH Fairland Farm AD Island Girl, 1*M, 88 VVVE

Sire's Sire:  Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn

Sire's Dam:  Woodbridge Farm Undermine, 3rd place/3rd Udder 2016 Nationals

Dam's Sire:  Kaapio Acres AD Adonis

Dam's Dam:  Fairland Farm SM April Snow

Justus, Nigerian Dwarf goat, at my peeps farm
Jersey, Nigerian Dwarf goat, at my peeps farm.


Five-O, Nigerian Dwarf goat, at my peeps farm

Timberwood Jersey *S, 10/18/2014
Sire:  Timberwood Malachite +S
Dam:  Timberwood Butter Crunch 3*D
Sire's Sire:  Ponders End DG Pimlico
Sire's Dam:  Kush-Hara Witch-Hazel 3*D
Dam's Sire:  Dill's FH Gin Rummy +*S
Dam's Dam:  Kush-Hara Obsidian 2*D

Kush-hara Obsidian 2*D AR2469 produced over 1,000lbs of milk on DHIR milk test 2012-21013 and has been on the AGS Top 10 milk producers a couple of times. Jersey’s Sire, Timberwood Malachite+S (AR HS), was Timberwood Farm's top producing buck in terms of passing on his excellent conformation, beautiful heads, and outstanding milking capacity.

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Pinot, Nigerian Dwarf goat, at my peeps farm

my peeps Pinot, 09/03/2014
Sire:  Kush-Hara Glenlivet +*S
Dam:  Timberwood Corolla (very strong milker with excellent udder capacity)
Sire's Sire:  Springs Run BNS Cody +S
Sire's Dam:  Kush-Hara Whoppi 2*D
Dam's Sire:  Avian Acres Chocolate Mousse +S
Dam's Dam:  Kush-Hara Coral 9*D

farm logo, my peeps farm

*B Sinai Thunder AD Justus *S VEV88, 10/17/2014

Sire:  ++*B Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei +*S

Dam:  SG Cornerstone Farm MM Charity *M, *DAR, EEEV90, 3 X GCH, ELITE Doe, ADGA & AGS Nat'l top 10

Sire's Sire:  *B Sycamore Springs Peg Valor *S

Sire's Dam:  SG Litte Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M, *DAR E91.3, ELITE Doe, ADGA & AGS top 10

Dam's Sire:  Munchranch Magic Marker +*S

Dam's Dam:  4 Fun Upset

Photo:  Courtesy of Sinai Thunder Farm